Art of Jose Albanil 2D

I started this blog to have a place to display my 2D work. I will also use it to show off some of my more traditional art works. I have been doing 3D so long I almost forgot about the ideas and pieces I had been working on. You can also check my professional history at A more detailed resume available on request. I am open to pursuing new and exciting opportunities that inspire me. Feel free to contact me at..... "".

Home Depot

I entered a contest for Home Depot. They wanted it hand drawn and with a lot of colors. Has to do with profit sharing with its employees. Here is what I came up with.


I had some time to kill on a long flight. I was reading up on the new themed resorts opening up at Walt Disney World. One was on the movie Nemo. They had a picture of crush and I thought I would try to recreate him. It was done in pencil. That is all I had at the time. Just add a hint of color in PS.

The Mad Potter

I was driving long the PCH in Encinitas, Ca and noticed there was a garden shop that had the name of Mad Potter. I thought that was a pretty cool name. As I got closer I saw their logo. Oh man it hurt to see. They had such an opportunity here to make something cool. They were already playing off the name of the mad hatter from Disney. Why not make the logo a play off of the character as well. So I went ahead and made a version of it for fun. I was inspired.

Red Bull Trucking

This was just a weird thought that came to my mind. Just the name of Red Bull Trucking. It stayed with me a few days so I grabbed a piece of paper and this is what I came up with in just a few hours from first idea to inked in. Crazy how fast this came together. I like it though.

Quick Sketches

I always have a little bit of time to kill in the evenings when I am on vacation with the family and the little man is asleep. I just find some paper and see what comes to mind.

Julian's 5th Birthday

My son was going to have a birthday party so I thought I would make a customized invitation to go along with the theme he wanted. His favorite show is "Jake and the Neverland Pirates". So I started with the shows logo and went from there. I added my sons face, Extended the map, Changed "Jake" to "Julian" in same text style. Add the "5th and all party info.

Gorilla Time 2011

I was watching Tarzan with my son. Decided to draw up a gorilla. Of course it is dad and son monkeying around.

Easter 2011

Just something that came to mind today that I knocked out. Thought it was funny. Started with the main egg and then added the others later in the day.

Disneyland 2011

I was commissioned to create a piece to accompany a gift for a 5 year Full time employee. He wanted to do something different with his presentation this time. So with only a picture of the full time employee and her daughter I came up with this. Took me a full day to concept up and complete the final piece. I used colored pencils for this one.

This second version was just done in photoshop. Seeing how it might look matted. I wanted to keep the red with white poka dots going to add more color to the piece.

New Character - Personal

Just doodling while on Thanksgiving holiday with my family. My Raccoon thief.

Character Progression

Interesting how characters take on shape. From a quick pencil sketch to get a conversation going to having read the story and hearing the vision of the writer. All that combined, with my artistic interpretation, lead to these final characters.

Digital Painting

I worked on this piece for a friend of mine. It was created to represent the way she wanted to remember her little girl, Madison, that passed away. "Love you to the Moon and all the Stars in Between"is what she would tell her every night at bed time. You have mom's favorite photo of her looking as if created by the stars. Some of them line up to Madison's astrological sign of Virgo.

Character Concept Designs

Working on a design for what I call the "Brain-o-Saurus". I think of him as a quiet, shy, unsure of himself, intellectual loner type. His posture reflects that with being very hunched over as well as moving slowly. He has the structure to be more assertive and intimating as you can see from the reaching posture.

Some other ideas I had. I hope to make a fully rendered version of the Dragon fly with all the particles and affects. The Camelback was just something funny I was thinking about and just did up really quick.

Digitally Rendered Designs

Well as many people know I am into Taz. I do alot of drawings of him doing things that remind me of what is going on in my life. I did this one to represent a lovely woman I was in love with.

I did this one representing how I felt for my 32nd birthday. Setup like one of those photo booths capturing different expressions.

This one is still in progress. It was one of the games we did at Presto called "F13".

Presto worked on more of its original IP called "Boing" and this is Taz taking out the competition. Still early on.


I have always liked working on still-lifes. I prefer to work in black and white with different types of pencils. I have tried some in color but still need more practice working on blending.

I wanted to try something different. I started by using non traditional items as my model. Then I rendered out each object in the wrong size. If the real life object was bigger than the rest of the items I made it smaller and vice-versa.

Character Design Logos

A couple other characters I created to be used on logo designs


Botanical Illustrations

I did a bit of Botanical Illustrations. That was pretty fun. I enjoy this type of art. Tried a variety of mediums. Pencil, Pen, using scratch board.

Litho Works

I did these Lithos back when I was in college. Pretty cool experience. It does require a lot of work but I still enjoyed it and would do it again.